A Snack to Pack

There are lots of delicious places along Iowa trails for getting some grub during a bike ride. Sometimes though, it’s best for me to pack my own snack.

Often I’m in the mood for something lighter than what’s found in a trailside restaurant.  Then there are times where I’m on an open stretch of trail when hunger strikes.  My most frequent choice is to enjoy a mini meal al fresco while taking in Iowa scenery.  Food always tastes better out in the fresh air and sunshine!

Here’s a list of snacks that are easy to stow in my handlebar bag and are relatively healthy.  They give me the boost I sometimes need to finish a long ride without feeling heavy and bogged down.  And, when I don’t get hungry while out on the trail, my snack comes in handy for a post-ride treat.  

Oatmeal cookies

Trail mix

Cereal bar

Granola bar


Fig newtons

Peanut butter and graham crackers

Coconut date rolls





Half a bagel with jelly


This list provides me a variety of options allowing me to avoid the dreaded protein bar.  After all, an Iowa bike ride pairs best with something delicious to eat.

For more information on how to fuel up on a bike ride check out this article published in Iowa Momentum by Julie Clark.

Happy Riding...and Eating!