A Bike Helmet that Fits


For longer than I care to admit,  I’ve been wearing a bike helmet sized too small.  I had a hunch this was the case but never took the time to clarify my suspicions until this winter.  Seeing the results after shoving it on my head over a winter hat not only made me laugh, but prompted me to go to Beaverdale Bicycles for a replacement.  It was high time I stopped entertaining folks out on the trail with my cycling faux pas.  

At the bike shop, Ed set me up with a Cratoni helmet. It’s way cool for several reasons:

Iowa-Bike-Rides-Cratoni Helmet.jpg
  • It fits!

  • It’s super lightweight.

  • It’s adjustable.

  • It has some reflective strips and a light on the back for evening rides on the trail.

  • It was in my price range.

I went on a bicycle ride to see how it would feel out on the trail. It was so comfortable I almost forgot it was on my head. Thankfully I remembered to take it off before heading back home in the car!  Now that would have prompted some stares.

Choosing A Bike Helmet

Don’t be like me.  Wear a helmet that provides you with the proper protection.  For some help in getting a good fit, check the short video from Bike People.  These tips from Bicycling can also point you in the right direction.

Happy Riding!